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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Best Books Online...

Hi Guys,

I always wanted and always have searched for good e-books all the time. Infact e-books are my passion. I have been collecting books since last three years and now I have a long list (I have to google search my hard drive to come up with one particular topic now a days, such is my collection now). Well some books are nice, many are ok, some not-bad while a few are really must-read ones. I can't share those books here. Though I wish I could. Anyways among these collections I have taken Resale Rights for a few very demanding books. I began these with an idea to sell them in e-bay or amazon, but I came to know, e-books hardly sells. So what now. That's why I am here.

Those books for which I have the resale rights, I'm going to publish them here, page by page, the best parts (in its original form, I will not change a single letter), though i will not put up the Resale Agreement page here, I will surely provide that if any authority wants to confirm my genuineness.

well, thats all of a boring intro. Let's start with the stuff.

Happy reading.